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Wednesday. Leg Day.

Left squats off again. I just. I can’t. I need to be able to run. Anyway. PB’d calf press. 115kgs. Yet to find a limit on that guy. It’s gotta be around somewhere? Today was weird, everything felt easy, leg press usually halfway kills me & extensions usually finish me off. Time to put all those guys up then, that’ll be PB level next week. It might have been because I had an actual snack before I trained? & not just C4 & a handful of M&Ms.


Eatin. Steak night is the best night. I love it. However, an extra $2 to swap out salad for veggies? Really? I shouldn’t complain. We get $37 steaks for $20. Hahaha. So good. & I discovered the sports bar where we practically live on the weekends now has steak in the menu. Best.

Helldog finally playing with Pippen. Yay. Happy babies.

Also got given a fancy bottle of champagne at work today. Sorry everyone on Snap/FB for the repeat story. The little old man said to “give it to the lady boss” best. So cute.

I also got to use some of my smarts today, I miss using my brain.

Today was pretty rad all around really.

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I so want iOS8, but I think I wanna wait til Friday, new phone feeling with extra stuff.

We’ll see how that pans out at 4 this arvo.

Maybe I’ll just do Kiwi Boys phone & play with his.

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CAN RUN. Stupid foot only hurts when I walk now. I will never understand my injuries. I started with 1/1 went to 2/1 then ran to each km & walked for a minute or so. I really shouldn’t have pushed that hard, but I did & things seem fine now.

Dem stepsssss.

Dat food. Probably should have eaten more. Tomorrow will be interesting. I think I’ll pack extra food just in case.

So much water. I’m actually so full of water I feel sick…

I really wanted the peanut butter ice cream, but Kiwi Boy doesn’t like peanut butter. Such disappoint. This one is pretty awesome though. Do recommend.

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Yeah, I didn’t post the weekend. There was beer, plenty. Steps, plenty.

Today was pretty good.

Ever growing to-do list.


Have sorted out food for the next two days. Getting back on top of it. Really need to focus on the weekends though. My macros really weren’t that bad over the weekend. More just the intake number was a little high. Considering how much beer & pizza I ate they’re actually not too bad.

This week I’m gonna try & get all my 78ks in. Yep. I decide to get back into it in peak week. What a dick.