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noshoesjustsocks asked: I actually know someone who got tagged in a check in on facebook, AT A FUNERAL. what. but I agree with your post, unnecessary and rude!!!

What. The. Fuck.

People are so fucking rude.

It really is disrespectful, I don’t mind the posts when people get home or whatever about going to the dawn service, but don’t check in.

My cousin actually wrote “& in the morning we will remember them, but first a selfie” posted a selfie, checked in then tagged #selfie #photobombed #donthesash

So embarrassed to be related to him.

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Need to be less lazy today.

Walk Helldog.
Hit them steppin targets.

All before the footy, so I need to get out of bed.

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Speaking of being a giant tree nerd, a very long time ago steen-to-be-a-marathoner asked me for some photos showing what I do all day! Various others have also asked me questions, so I figured I’d make a post about my job.

1. ME! In my work get up. Helmet, very important. Specs, also important, still don’t stop me getting saw dust in my eyes. Orange & blue thing = harness, to keep me attached to the bucket should anything go wrong! SAFETY.

2. View from my office, different every moment.

3. What the tree looks like before I work my magic, through the powerlines.

4. Magic complete, a tree that is outside of 1m away from the powerlines.

4/6/7. Poorly taken photos of our tools. The red long stick is a hand saw on a pole, or a pole saw or if you work with us, a pull stick. Used for pulling cut branches out of the tree or cutting branches out of the tree. The long black one is a power pruner, basically our small pruning saw but on a long stick to reach. Then we have a hand saw & secatuers & my sheath, that attaches to the belt hole on my pants. CHAINSAWS! Our small pruning saw that we use most of the time, my small chainsaw (260) that we use for pruning when we remove big limbs. Not pictured properly, our big saw (460) or our super big saws (660) (880).

8. T & I’s truck. That’s T cutting up there. It’s a ten metre tower.

9. The chipper! This is actually the bigger chipper, branches go in the back, two rollers pull the wood in & behind the rollers is a drum that has blades on it, TA-DA wood chips.

I’m an Arborist, qualified, amongst other horticulture qualifications. What we do is prune Council trees, so we go up & down streets clearing powerlines, roads & footpaths.

I have several tickets (not only on myself, HA) they are:
Level Two first aid.
Level Two Chainsaw operation.
Wood chipper operation.
Traffic Management.
White card - which is just a Worksafe thing for manual handling really.
Limits of Approach - this is a special clearance to work within clearance zones on powerlines.
Licence to perform high risk work (Boom elevated work platform) - which is the tower/bucket ticket.
There’s several others that aren’t really that interesting so I left them off.

So there is it, my job, the reason my step count is often ridiculous, the reason sometimes I have unexpected rest days & the reason why I train at such odd hours.

Here you go anon!

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Anonymous asked: What do you do for work

A new guy 😃

I wrote a pretty comprehensive post about it a few weeks ago! I am on mobile & it’s too hard to link, so let me go find it & reblog for your pleasure!

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People that check in to the dawn service on Facebook…

I just don’t feel like it’s even close to appropriate, are they there to pay their respects or not? Or are they just there so they can tell people about it? Would they check into a funeral? No. Then why would they check into the dawn service?

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I made myself a plasma donation appointment this afternoon.

Can’t run in the afternoon because dehydration potential.

Not allowed to do anything after because missing plasma.

Take the two day break & smash long run Saturday with boy. Maybe I can convince him to run 20 instead of 15?